Bad Girls: Season 6

Apr. 14, 2004
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Bad Girls Club 6 is the sixth season of the Oxygen reality television series, The Bad Girls Club. The sixth season began airing on Oxygen on January 10, 2011, which became the first season to air on Monday nights, the two-part reunion special aired on May 9, 2011, officially ending the season.

During production of season six, residents from Sherman Oaks complained that noise levels and swearing was extremely unbearable and inappropriate for them and their children to listen to during the night. Clarissa Keller, a local Sherman Oaks resident, complained that she has a six-year-old son and didn’t want him to listen to the swearing, she went as far as creating a petition drive to ban all Sherman Oaks hills. The tour of season six’s mansion was released for public viewing on December 15, 2010, while Oxygen changed their website’s homepage for the upcoming season of the Bad Girls Club. The tour of the house was hosted by Steve Leonhardt, the Bad Girls Club production designer, and several days prior to the arrival of the cast of season six, in September 2010.

Season six is the fourth season, overall, to have two „bad girls“ who were from the same city and state. The last seasons to do so was season one, season two, and Season 5: Miami of the „Bad Girls Club“. Unlike previous seasons where a half-a-year break in production occurred between seasons, the sixth installment was shot several months after Bad Girls Club: Miami was completed. Season six debuted with 1.71 million viewers, up from 25% from last season which earned 1.34 million viewers. Season six was nominated for „Favorite Reality-Show Guilty Pleasure“ for the second annual IVillageawards.

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